Croydon Community Ophthalmology Service​​
What is the Community Ophthalmology Service (COS)?

COS is an NHS funded service and is available to all patients 6 and over who have a Croydon GP.

The aim of COS is to provide patients who are experiencing recently occurring eye conditions, or those suspected of having cataracts or glaucoma, with treatment and expert advice closer to home at a local optometric practice rather than hsopital.

COS (Croydon Community Opthalmology Service) is provided by local optometrists with the expertise and skills to carry out this work at locally approved optometric practices.

The eyecare service is run by Complete Ophthalmic Services CIC, a company formed by the Croydon Local Optical Committee, which is made up of local optometric practices.
How do I access COS?

Croydon's patients can access COS by going to one of the approved practices whichare involved in the service. The list of those practices is contained within the website sections headed, 'GPs' and 'Patients'.

We have 13 opticians practices involved in the service, including one specialist domiciliary provider who can visit people in their own home if they are unable to get out to a local practice because of health reasons. (Please be aware that your normal optometrist may not be able to offer this service.)

You can contact any of these approved practices directly to make an appointment and ask to be seen under COS. Appointments are available during normal working hours.

Alternatively, if you make an appointment to see your GP, they may refer you to an approved optometrist for further assessment and possibly treatment.