Croydon Community Ophthalmology Service​​
Information for General Practitioners

What is COS?

Croydon Community Opthalmology Service, or COS for short, is an NHS funded eye care service available to all patients  aged over 5 who are registered with a Croydon GP.

The service provides patients experiencing recently occurring eye conditions, as well as symptoms of glaucoma and cataract, with treatment closer to home. The service is provided by local optometrists with the knowledge and skills to carry out this work at locally approved optometric practices.

The service is being run by Complete Ophthalmic Services CIC, which is a company which has been established by the Local Optical Committee, which represents optometric practices in Croydon.

Routine referrals can be made via our triage service ( [email protected] ) although if a patient needs to be seen by an optometrist urgently, for example has flashing lights or floaters or need an assessment within 48 hours, they can self-refer, presenting at one of our participating practices. 

If a patient needs an urgent appointment, please complete the referral form and mark as urgent so that the patient can be prioritised. Please note that the service will be working to ensure that no patient waits longer than 4 weeks for an appointment and expects most patients will be seen in 2 weeks.   
If the patient needs urgent acute treatment please refer them to the Rapid Access Eye Clinic using the referral form below.

Croydon Referral Form V6 PDF FORMAT.pdf

For patients who are housebound, we provide a domiciliary service via Eye Matrix Opticians.

Eye conditions which can be treated by COS

There are three elements to the service:
  • Cataract assessment
  • Glaucoma assessment including repeating intra-ocular pressure
  • Minor Eye Conditions
Referral Route
If the patient requires the following:
Routine appointment: refer to COS via [email protected] 

Urgent appointment: refer to COS via [email protected], marked urgent

Urgent treatment within 48 hours: refer to COS via walk in

Acute urgent treatment: refer to Rapid Access Eye Clinic at Croydon University Hospital.

Eye conditions NOT treated under COS and exemptions

There are some exclusion criteria which are:
  • Sudden loss of vision in one or both eyes
  • Considerable eye pain
  • Sudden onset diplopia
  • Significant trauma, such as a penetrating injury or lacerations to the eye(s) or eyelid(s)
  • Chemical injury or burns
  • Problems arising from recent eye surgery
  • Children aged under 6

Practices Providing the Service

Day Lewis Opticians, 305 Lower Addiscombe Road, Croydon CRO 6RF
Tel: 020 8654 5559                      
Surrey Opticians, 141 Brighton Road, Coulsdon CR5 2NJ             
Tel: 020 8660 7343                      
Kerr Eyecare, 37 London Road, West Croydon CRO 2RE
Tel: 020 8688 5076
Rawlings Opticians, 8 High Street, Croydon CRO 1YA                          
Tel: 020 8667 9153

Specsavers Opticians, 19 Church St, Croydon CR0 1RH
Tel: 020 8760 0574

Specsavers Opticians, 112 North End, Croydon CR0 1UD
Tel: 020 8681 8688

London Eye Care Centre, 1415 London Road, Norbury SW16 4AH                       
Tel: 020 8679 0955 
AMS Opticians, 15 Purley Road, Purley, CR8 2HA
Tel: 020 8660 0472

Pursers Optometrists, 958 Brighton Road, Purley, CR8 2LP                               
Tel: 020 8660 2147            
Rawlings Opticians, 946 Brighton Road, Purley CR8 2LP
Tel: 020 8668 9479

Specsavers Opticians, 943 Brighton Rd, Purley CR8 2UN
Tel: 020 8660 5129

Heather Bailey Optometrists, 1 Limpsfield Road, Sanderstead,  CR2 9LA
Tel: 020 8657 3525

South Croydon
Blooms Opticians, 121 Addington Road, South Croydon, CR2 8LH
Tel: 020 8657 2000                 

Thornton Heath
The Eye Centre, 830 London Road, Thornton Heath CR7 7PA
Tel: 020 8689 0011                      
Boots Opticians, 87a High Street, Thornton Heath CR7 8RY
Tel: 020 8684 1155

Upper Norwood
Crystal Eye Centre, 20a Westow Hill, Gipsy Hill, Upper Norwood SE19 1RX
Tel: 020 8766 7476                      
Domiciliary Services
Eye Matrix Opticians
Tel: 0800 6123144

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Referral Form and Further Information

We have developed a referral form for the service which can be accessed below. We have also developed a leaflet about COS which we will be sending to practices over the next couple of weeks.

For any other information or queries please contact us via [email protected] or phone on 020 7193 1665.