What is COS?

Abridged Referral Guide:

Please refer patients via ERS using the drop-down menu and choose “Moorfields SPA” and use the referral form found on DXS and also available here.

This referral form is for adults and children with non-urgent sight or life-threatening conditions.

Please make sure all sections are filled fully, with as much clinical detail as possible. Referrals without adequate information for safe triage may be rejected or cause delay in appointment booking for your patient.

Please attach any GOS18 or other supporting document with this form.

We will triage and contact the patient directly with an appointment/advice on alternative services.

Referrals will be triaged within one working day; appointment letters should be received by patients within a maximum of 4 weeks.

Important Notes for Urgent Referrals:

For patients that you feel have a sight/life-threatening condition that requires hospital eye care within 2 weeks, please refer via email using the Rapid Access Clinic referral form.

These emergencies include, but not exclusively, the following:

penetrating/severe eye trauma, chemical injury, sudden loss of vision, acute severe pain, acute angle closure, sudden onset diplopia and acute postoperative complications.

For patients that you feel have an urgent minor eye condition that requires review by the Community Ophthalmology Service (COS) provided on behalf of Moorfields Eye Hospital, please provide a COS leaflet (printable version available on DXS) and advise patient to contact a COS optometrist.

These urgent minor eye conditions include, but not exclusively, the following: moderate eye pain with normal vision, significant eye discharge, significant redness with normal vision and mild eye trauma.

For suspected cancer please use the 2 weeks wait suspected cancer referral form.


There are three elements to the service:

Cataract assessment
Glaucoma assessment including repeating intra-ocular pressure
Minor Eye Conditions

Contact Numbers:

For appointment queries on non-urgent referrals, made via the Ophthalmology Routine Referral Form on DXS, contact: 020 8017 1365

For out-of-hours referrals that require immediate hospital eye care, contact the on-call ophthalmology team at Moorfields St. George’s on 020 8725 1794

For same day review by Moorfields Croydon Rapid Access Clinic, contact: 07525 800834

Please attach any GOS18 or other supporting documentation with this form.


There are some exclusion criteria which are:

Sudden loss of vision in one or both eyes
Considerable eye pain
Sudden onset diplopia
Significant trauma, such as a penetrating injury or lacerations to the eye(s) or eyelid(s)
Chemical injury or burns
Problems arising from recent eye surgery

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