What Happens When I See The Optometrist?

At your appointment for the Croydon Community Opthalmology Service (COS) the optometrist will discuss your eye history, the symptoms you may be experiencing and any related medical history. You will receive an eye assessment relevant to your symptoms.

Please take a list of all curren medications if you are taking any and your up-to-date glasses with you to the appointment.

As a result of the consultation, you may be:

Given appropriate treatment by the optometrist, which may include a follow-up appointment.

Referred to your GP for appropriate treatment if your eye condition is related to your general health.

Referred directly to the hospital eye service for a hospital appointment if your eye condition is more serious.

Following your appointment, the optometrist will notify your GP about the outcome of your consultation to ensure your medical records are updated. Please be assured, however, that your information will be held confidentially.

Please note:
This service does not replace the routine eye examination, eye tests or perscription for glasses, as a sigh test will not be performed as part of the CO assessment. In the COS appointment, the optometrist may use eye drops to make your pupils bigger to allow for a more thorough examination. This can cause mild blurring of the vision, so you should not drive to this appointment, as you may not be able to drive for a while afterwards. You may also be more sensitive to the sun so it’s a good idea to bring your sunglasses. Please allowed at least an hour for the COS appointment, but in some cases, it may take less time.